In a world of rapid concrete up growth; accommodations at Netuk House finds the right fusion of tradition, modernity, and nature in the heart of a bustling town area. The property comprises of three dwellings/ blocks, each carefully fabricated, meeting the aesthetics and modern needs of our guests. Surpassing the conventional numbering system, the rooms at Netuk House are named after different colours, precious gemstones, and flowers. We are certain that our guests will find some semblance and aspect of the name inside each of these rooms.

The Main Block

Built in the 1950s, this block houses the main residence of Lt. Mr.Netuk Lama. Additionally, four heritage rooms are offered for our Guests to savour in a true Sikkimese life experience. It has been meticulously designed imbibing the concept of ‘Rinchen Surgay’ (eight sided or eight corners) from Buddhism, which is symbolic of the ‘celestial abode of Buddha’. In alignment with the interiors of a Sikkimese Bhutia household, all the four heritage rooms are clothed up with traditional furniture, upholstery, and intricately woven carpets. Seasoned wooden floorings, snug king size beds, docile closets, serene art works on the ceiling, and well equipped bathrooms all exhibit heritage with a touch of contemporary. Amenities include lockers, room heaters during winter season,TV, tea/coffee maker.

A Block

In proximity to the main block, the Annexe-A block stands facing the majestic Mt. Kanchendzonga range. The three comfort view rooms on the first floor shares a rather extensive yet restful balconies strewn with locally fashioned bamboo furniture, while the two commodious suite rooms on the ground floor shares a sun terrace- a private seating space against the backdrop of terraced hills and picturesque mountains. The rooms are well ventilated and furnished with minimal yet all the requirements of a modern day living.All bedrooms and bathrooms are adequately supplied with electric kettles, room heaters during winter season, TV,locker, and toiletries.

B Block

Located on the second floor, the B block is a new addition to our property comprising of three comfort view rooms and one suite room, all facing the mountain and the city. Big French windows, furniture and ceilings built from locally sourced pine wood, local craftsmanship, minimalistic artworks on the wall, and roomy spaces are all marked features of our Annexe B Block. A distinctive aspect about this block is its architectural style; a traditional technique of concealing the walls using a cement/mud mixture over a woven bamboo straw; keeping the room cool during summer months, and insulating heat during winter months. Amenities include lockers, room heaters during winter seasons, tea/coffee maker, TV and toiletries.