The lounge area is a fruition of an elaborate planning and rigorous execution extending over a year.

Promoting the belief of preserving local art and culture, the Lounge area has been built in a traditional manner by our local artisans. The concept of ‘Rinchen Surgay’ (eight pillars or eight corners); an auspicious architectural style of the Sikkimese Bhutia community can be seen on the eight wooden pillars with intricate details carved on it. A little space of solitude, a reading nook, a reclining area; the Cowgher lounge serves it all over a cup of hot Temi tea (Sikkimese tea) or ‘Chaang’ (local millet beer).


Dzom-sa meaning to congregate is located in the Main block. This room holds a place of importance in Sikkim’s history

as a lot of germane decisions have been made in it. The room has pictures from the old world, resuscitating nostalgia. The sofas in the room are stitched with designer upholstery fabrics which perfectly interflows with the traditional Centre table/ Choktsi (which are as old as 60 plus years). At one corner of the room lies a traditional Bukhari (stove oven) for heating, imported all the way from Lhasa, Tibet. This once significant room is now a place for travellers to meet and share one’s experiences.


The bar located adjacent to the Dzom-sa front room in the main block exhibits an old world charm in a homely flavour.

True to it’s name ‘Deutsi’, meaning nectar; our guests can relish a range of beverages from single malt to locally bottled wines and millet beer.


The whole property is a Wifi zone with high speed internet, which the guest can enjoy for free.


Our in house travel desk helps curate private tours depending on personal preferences and duration of stay.


One can choose a selection of board games and books from our private collection.

Free Parking

With the ever increasing space congestion and parking issues, Parking has become more of a luxury. The property offers free parking for the guest.

Open Terrace Garden

The property has a lot of open spaces overlooking the majestic Khanchen-dzonga range. One can sit back and enjoy their meals in our open terrace garden.