Netuk House, Gangtok is more than just a palatial boutique stay. Perched on an elevated part of Tibet Road, Netuk House is an edifice of an architecturally chanting complex with a riveting account of history and tradition. Built in the late 1950’s, the house belonged to Gellong Netuk Lama, an executive counselor to the then Chogyal (Monarch). Tibet Road, as the name suggests was the principal route for travelers and traders heading up to Tibet. Most of the commuters were silk traders involved in the historic Silk Route Trade. Netuk House began offering hospitality and provided a transit point for these travelers. That marked the beginning.

Even with the inevitable changes in geography, history and politics, Netuk House still stands today as a luxury stay for those seeking the traditional hospitality with an opulent accommodation and food. The distinctive feature of Netuk House is perhaps the proximity to the market place, which serves an advantage for the tourists and guests to make a quick stroll when needed; but at the same time, it is unmarred with the hustle bustle of the commercial circuit.

Decades have gone by since Netuk House first opened it’s doors to the travelers and although today it’s been upgraded to a luxurious boutique stay, tourists, visitors and vacationers can still enjoy and feel the warmth of the tradition and culture that remains unchanged.

If you’re looking for a home away from home, one that provides a comfortable stay in the mountains and most of all, one that presents with your with a memorabilia for a life time, Netuk House is your absolute panoply of hospitality.