The Journey of Netuk House

Ne meaning pilgrimage and tuk meaning child, Netuk house, nestled in the heart of Gangtok, is an exemplar of traditional Sikkimese hospitality.


Built in the late fifties, it was the home of Gellong Netuk Lama, executive counsellor to the Chogyal and one of Sikkim's affluent and prominent politicians.

The house continues to remain in the family, serving as a home for generations to come.

However, during the early nineties an old family friend Mr ----, better known as the proprietor of Windermere hotel in Darjeeling, suggested turning this family home into a home stay...intrigued by this idea and keen on sharing the rich history the home had to offer...a year later this off-beat suggestion materialised into "Netuk House" aptly named after Netuk Lama




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